Do you allow advertising?

Just Two Crafty Sisters does allow advertising and sponsorships on our site.  We receive a small percentage of sales from affiliate product links and banner ads.  We may receive some of the products or services mentioned in some of our posts for free, but we will always be transparent if that is the case.  We have no way of “pre-screening” or vouching for every item offered by the numerous companies who sponsor our site, therefore any purchases made from them by way of our site are something between you and that vendor or company.

Why allow advertisers?

Craft blogging takes time, energy and money.  We allow advertisers on our site to help pay for craft materials and keep us going.  We love crafty endeavors and are thankful for all our sponsors helping us share our handmade projects.

How can I sponsor my business/product on your site?

Contact us at if you are interested in advertising space or sponsored posts such as giveaways.

When it comes to sponsored posts, we cannot guarantee your items will be featured on our site just because you send it in. We also can’t guarantee we will love them and recommend them to our followers. However, we will never post a negative review, we will simply omit from posting about your product.  If you send a product to Just Two Crafty Sisters to potentially be reviewed, we will not be sending the item back to you.

Can I use photos or sections of your posts on my site?

Content on our site is the property of Just Two Crafty Sisters. Please do not use it unless you are crediting and linking back to us.  Photos from other websites in our sponsored posts are used to assist in providing information for our readers and those photos are the property of the individual website owners.

We are happy to allow other websites and blogs to write about and potentially use paraphrasing of our posts with proper credit and links. Email and we can discuss usage.  Using exact content is not allowed and damages the search rankings for all parties involved with duplicate content.

Please feel free to read our Privacy Policy and Disclosures page for additional information regarding Just Two Crafty Sisters’ policies.